Our Team

Michel Dizel

President of FISPE

Michel is authorized to represent the association in civil matters. He is the main point of contact for each member of Fispe as well as for external relations.

Michel is part of the pedagogical team, conducting our French courses and participating in reading performances as a musician. Michel is a French as a Foreign Language (FLE) teacher, a cook, and a musician. 

Paule Serra

Vice-President of FISPE

Paule is our vice-president who helps us on a daily basis, whether it's conducting "Reading Aloud" classes, attending meetings, or simply listening to you and sharing a moment with you.

She is our specialist in selecting texts for our "Reading Aloud" workshops. Paule was involved in founding the association together with the director. She is a retired French as a Foreign Language (FLE) teacher. 

Magdalena Škoro

Founder and Director of FISPE

Magdalena co-directs the actions and the FISPE team. She founded FISPE in 2015. She is a French as a Foreign Language (FLE) teacher.

In addition to her work with FISPE, she teaches remotely at the University of Dijon and works as an adjunct professor at Sorbonne University Paris 4 in the Master's program for French as a Foreign Language (FLE). 

Hélène Ardisson

European Project Manager

Hélène first encountered FISPE as a volunteer, then as an intern, and finally joined the team as an employee in September 2022. She successfully manages all our European projects.

She is also responsible for introducing and organizing the implementation of tools developed in our European projects with local partners. She holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Nanterre. 

Aicha Karoui

Sociocultural and Linguistic Mediator

Aïcha is our former learner who joined the staff in September 2020. She diligently maintains the connection between our beneficiaries and the local structures. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Tunisia, but she has professionally shifted her focus towards reception and mediation. 

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