Shared Start of the Year

Event: The Shared Start of the School Year in the 17th and 18th Arrondissements

Description :
The Shared Start of the School Year is an annual event that takes place in September and is organized by French language learning institutions in collaboration with the local development team. This initiative aims to assess the needs and language proficiency level of participants, in order to enroll them in French courses tailored to their availability and place of residence.

Partner Organizations:

  • La Maison Bleue Social Center & FISPE Association (project coordinators)
  • Belliard Social Center and Cefia
  • Opening the School to Parents
  • Municipal Adult Education Courses
  • EIFFEL et l’EDL

Registration Period:
The registration period for the tests begins in June. To guide an audience towards the Shared Start of the School Year, please contact the partner social centers or directly write to us at "..." ».

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