Nos cours

The Courses

French as a Foreign Language courses for integration or employment purposes.

READING ALOUD - pronunciation

French for Specific Professional Purposes (FSP)

finding a job. 

DELF preparation 

to take a DELF exam at level A2, B1, or another level.

Literacy and skills upgrading 

Entering into writing or advancing in writing

Atelier sociolinguistique 

Becoming independent in daily life.   

Réseau Alpha

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Notre Méthologie

The guidelines for each of our methods 

– Taking a comprehensive approach.  

- Meeting the needs of individuals, neighborhoods, and authorities.

- Guiding the beneficiary towards autonomy and empowering them to be the driver of their own journey. 

- Taking into account the strengths and skills of our beneficiaries.  

– Working on building self-confidence.